(A Charity Concert for the BC Cancer Foundation)

Hard Rock Casino

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2022
Location: Hard Rock Casino, 2080 United Blvd., Coquitlam

Cancer has killed millions and has afflicted pretty much every person on Earth. In Canada, 230,000 people get cancer every year and every year 85,000 of these Canadians die. 2 in every 5 people will get cancer in their lifetime.

It’s gotta be stopped.

My name is Rocket Norton. In 2021, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. During my treatments, a package arrived from a friend. It was a black tee-shirt with bold white letters:

Turns out these tee-shirts are everywhere. It’s kind of an underground battle cry.

I realized how fitting the slogan is. On behalf of every person on the planet who has been grieved by this disease we say … “Cancer tried to kill us! Fuck you cancer! We’re going to kill you first.”

This slogan has inspired a charity concert in aid of the BC CANCER FOUNDATION called, appropriately enough, FUCK CANCER.

We have assembled a group of famous classic rock musicians from bands, PRISM, LOVERBOY, LEE AARON, TROOPER, CHILLIWACK, HEADPINS, STREETHEART, POWDER BLUES, NICK GILDER and others to play their hits.

Ticket will go on sale in August.

Meanwhile, I am currently asking for donations. Maybe the dollar you donate will be the dollar that funds the cure.

You can donate at this link:

You will receive a tax receipt.

Contact me at: rocket@rocketnorton.com
Or: Producer, Bill Allman, at Famous Artists